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The various services provided by Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal are:-

Service Description
Astrological Consultancy Do you have any doubts related to your horoscope? Or YOU wish to get astrological analysis of your horoscope, in order to know about your future through the wonderful world of astrology. Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, is famous astrologer from Central India and you can get direct astrological consultancy by him at a small price of Rs. 3,100.00/- (RUPEES THREE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED ONLY)- -
Financial Astrology Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal has a past experience of more than 8 years in financial astrology. He predicts the stock market, it’s strategy and what the stocks to trade in. You can view his latest predictions on his official web site . You can also subscribe to the stock market recommendation services provided by him, the details of which are posted on

For free astrological outlook on the stock and commodity market, Please click here.

Time Duration Indian Stock Market Indian Commodity Market NYMEX/ COMEX (GOLD+SILVER+OIL) COMEX/NYMEX+FOREX
3 Months 18000 INR 40000 INR 1,500 USD 2,600 USD
6 Months 30000 INR 70000 INR 2,700 USD 5,100 USD
1 Year 50000 INR 130000 INR 5,000 USD 10,000 USD

The Above packages include LIVE TRADING CALLS + 24X7 SUPPORT

For International Customers (who trade in NYMEX/ COMEX /FOREX), messages will be sent via Instant Messenger such YM or GTalk or BBM or through International SMS + Telephonic conversation.

We ensure the best customer satisfaction.


3) Personal Astrological Services- For details please refer to

For membership, contact +91-9669919000, +91-9301717647.


You can credit the fee to any of the following bank account:

In case of international transfer, please use the list of correspondent banks mentioned at

Bank Name : ICICI Bank South Indian Bank ICICI BANK
Account No. : 004105500654 0442073000000054 004105013271
RTGS/NEFTIFSC Code : ICIC 0000041 SIBL0000442 ICIC 0000041
Branch Details Malav Parisar, A.B. ROAD, Indore Royal View, Vijay Nagar, Indore Malav Parisar, A.B. ROAD, Indore

We also accept PayPal transfer. You can make paypal in favor of Please add 4% processing fee in case of Paypal.

#Subscription once ordered cannot be refunded.

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Timing the Market

Financial Market Timing Report

Timing the market is the most important aspect of any investment. This report shall guide you with approximate timings, time frame and expected trend as per financial astrology and a bit of technical analysis.”Right

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Live notification for when to buy or sell stocks, commodities and currencies.

Live Trading Calls

If you are not an experienced trader or if you do not have enough time to keep your eyes on screen throughout the day, this service shall be very helpful to you. Live Trading Calls is recommended for High Net-worth Individuals, Financial Institutions and traders. …

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  1. Pankaj

    MCX intraday and positional (short term) free trial possible?

    1. Rajeev Prakash

      No, we do not provide any sort of trial on our services. For our past work, you can refer to the archive on this blog. For positional views, consider visiting our articles visible at

  2. Rajeev Prakash

    We do not offer any sort of trial. It’s our policy! The only trial content available is on the website or on the astrology articles at (astrology section). You can have a log of our past work on this blog. It’ll be more than enough to help you understand our accuracy.

  3. Hari Kishan

    Is there a General membership in MCX and NCDEX?

    1. Rajeev Prakash

      We have stopped accepting small investors and hence General Membership is not available for MCX.

  4. Amit Arora

    I am really thankful to mr. rajeev… every article give me huge profit. i want to start the services as soon as possible..

  5. Abhiram

    sir,yr prediction was super regarding Obama…Let us C whether nifty touches 6000 soon

    1. Rajeev Prakash

      By the grace of God, our prediction will turn true :). Thanks for the compliment.
      With Best Wishes,

  6. Adit

    Great prediction SIRJI regarding Obama….

  7. Hari Krishna V

    Hi Sir,

    Please let us know whether COMEX gold will go down further.

    It went upto 1705.30 and currently trading around 1710.

    I am in a hugeloss…

    Its my mistake as you said yesterday a turnout will be there in gold.

    But I had earlier lots bought @ 1754 thinking it will go upto 1760 and 1765 as per your earlier prediction.

    Its a mistake from my end with out using stoploss.

    Today free update also not there. Please help me sir.

    1. Rajeev Prakash

      It will not break 1,700 as per our weekly letter.

      1. Hari Krishna V

        Very much thankful to you sir.

        1. Hari Krishna V


          Is the strategy is changed. Any update?

          Earlier in the website discussed that a rise will be there from US opening on 5th.

          Then discussed it will raise for the next two days and may fall down on friday. Need to book profits Thursday at higher leves(opportunity upto 1752$).

          It is going low now and trading @ 1689.

          Please help us by advising whether it will go further down(range) else it will bounce back.

          Waiting for your reply sir.

  8. Hari Krishna V

    Hi Sir,

    As stated earlier Gold break the stop loss 1660 and trading near 1652.

    Please advise up to what extent it will go down before starting bull run from 26th.

    As you said earlier regarding Obama Win and once it proved that WIN of Narendra Modi.

    Very great of you as said today he ddnt got the more seats compare to 2007.
    BJP 116 – 2012.

    Waiting for your reply sir.

  9. hari krishna v

    Hi Sir,

    Few months back (hope December) in our website it is stated that gold will show new life time high.

    But still it is trading at very low. is there any change in strategy else bull run will start in gold by next week?

    waiting for ur reply sir

  10. Hari Krishna V

    Hi Sir,

    As you predicted gold came down to 1585 and then 1581 sir.

    Still it is coming down whether it will go down further more else it will bounce back.

    Waiting for your reply sir.

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