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Happy Thanksgiving Day Gift

Happy Thanksgiving Day from Team AstroDunia /!

Interesting trends ahead:

Watch the period from 24 to 30 November 2017 and
8 December, 17 December to 31 December 2017 for major moves in equities and commodities.






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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy ThanksGiving Day in advance!

Global Equity Indices

In the previous session, US market went up; DOW moved up by 160 points while S&P500 Dec Fut made a high of 2600. Today, it is the reversal day of the week. Monday-Tuesday has been positive. Profit booking to be observed from today (US hours).

At US Opening, Neptune is turning direct.

DOW has major hurdle at 23600 while NASDAQ has major hurdle at 6400.

Hold S&P500 Dec Fut with S/L 2601. If 2601 is crossed then it may move up to 2620.

Hang Seng has taken a break out. Above 30000, it can move up to 30500. Short Hang Seng with S/L 30200.


Crude is positive from today. Till next Monday, if it crosses 57.85 then it may jump up to 61. Major support for oil lies at 56.

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Planetary conditions this week:

Moon shall be in Scorpio-Sagittarius-Capricorn for the week. On 26th, Venus will move from Scorpio to Libra. On 22nd, Neptune will turn from retrograde to direct. As per astrology, there is a high chance of natural or man-made disaster or geopolitical unrest in next 2 weeks. This may impact the global markets along with Indian market. Inflation would soar.

Global Equity Indices

Stock market is in overall bearish zone till 11th December 2017. With ups and downs, the overall trend is weak. Anytime soon, considerable fall is possible. In the last week, Monday to Wednesday proved to be negative. S&P500 made a low of 2556. On Thursday-Friday, reversal was observed wherein S&P500 Dec contract made a high of 2586 and closed at 2576.

In this week, similar trend is expected; Monday to Wednesday shall be weak / negative. S&P500 can drop to 2555 or lower in the initial part of this week.

On Thursday-Friday, a reversal is possible.

<<Support, Resistance, signals:: only for members>>


Bullion went through a breakout in the last session. Gold made a high of 1294 while Silver made a high of 17.30. In this week as well, we are bullish in precious metals.

1278 is a major support while 1299 is major resistance for Gold. 16.80 is a major support while 17.45 is a major resistance for Silver.

If Gold crosses 1299 then it opens door to 1335-1350.

If Silver crosses 17.45 then it opens door to 17.75-18.20.

In this week, trend is bullish till Wednesday.

On Thursday-Friday, profit booking is possible.


Copper and other base metals shall be overall negative in this week. Monday to Wednesday, trend is  weak. Thursday to Friday, recovery is possible.

In next week, base metals are set to go through a sharp selling.


Crude made a high of 56.70 last Friday. In this week, Monday to Wednesday is negative. On Wednesday, recovery may start from lower levels which may continue towards positivity on Thursday-Friday.


NG shall be mixed to positive for the day. 3.00 is a major support for NG. 3.22 is a major resistance.  With S/L of 3.00, long NG at lower levels.


EUR/USD shall move up. It is advised to long 50% EUR/USD at current market price with S/L 1.1640 for target 1.1850.


USD/INR made a low of 64.60 and closed at 65.00 last Friday. We advised you to buy USD/INR @ 64.70.   In the current week, it’ll cross 65.50. With S/L of 64.40, hold long position in USD/INR.

Around 65.20, you may book 50% profit in long position.


Short dollar index @ 94.00. In this week, it may drop to 93.00.


Short USD/JPY @ 112.40-112.50 for target 111.50-111.00.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

Yield shall be negative till Wednesday. On Thursday-Friday, recovery is possible. It is advised to hold short position.


The earthquake in Iran-Iraq border and market updates


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Global Equity Indices

The earthquake of Iran-Iraq led to a serious disaster. A couple of years back when Japan went through Tsunami, similar planetary conditions had occurred; which are repeating at the moment. It is likely for another earthquake to hit in the next 10-15 days. Sudden effect may be observed in market.

According to planetary conditions, heavy volatility is being anticipated in equities. Overall, market shall be in weakness. In the previous session, …………………………………………………………………………………………..

S&P500 made a low of 2570. It was advised to cover short position @2571. Then, it rallied up to 2584. Around 2582, we have advised to build short position. Anytime in this week, S&P500 can drop to 2560.

Precious Metals



Crude shall be weak for today and tomorrow. It may drop to 55.50 or lower. With S/L of 57.90, hold short position in crude oil.


Hold short position in EUR/USD with S/L 1.1700 for target 1.1600.


In the previous session, USD/INR hit a high of 65.45. You may buy USD/INR @ 65.20.


Buy Dollar index at lower levels.


It is advised to book profit in USD/JPY @ higher levels and enter into short position @ 114.00.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

Short Treasury Bonds at higher levels.


Indian market went through a sharp correction in the previous session. For today and tomorrow, trend shall continue to be weak. Nifty may breach 10200 anytime soon.


NIFTY FUT: 10350-10200

BANK NIFTY: 25550-25200

IT related stocks are supportive and hence you’re advised to remain long in IT stocks. You may keep an eye on PSU stocks. If it closes negative today, weakness may continue for some time ahead.

*** Stock specific instructions in global markets :: ONLY FOR MEMBERS

Demonetization anniversary & today’s view

Today, it is the anniversary of demonetization.

Global Equity Indices

In the previous session, market went through the anticipated correction. S&P500 made a low of 2579. Today as well, the corrective mode may continue; the day is uncertain. However for tomorrow & day after tomorrow, some positive trend is possible.

On the lower side, S&P500 can drop to 2570-2565. Resistance for S&P500 lies at 2595 while support lies at 2562.

It is advised to book 50% profit in European markets and hold the rest position.

It is advised to book 50% profit in AEX @ 552 and hold the rest position. Short Hang Seng with S/L 29100.

Gold and Silver

Gold made a high of 1282 and low of 1275 in the previous session. As per astrology, trend is in favor of bullion. 1286 is a major hurdle for Gold. If the hurdle is crossed then Gold may go up to 1300.

Around 1282-1283, you may book profit and enter into short position with S/L 1286.

If 1286 is crossed then you may buy back your long position.

Industrial Metals

Short Copper @ 3.11-3.12.


Crude oil shall be trading upward as per astrology. It may cross $60/bbl. 56.50 is a key support level while 57.85 is a major hurdle for oil.


EUR/USD made a low of 1.1555 in the previous session. With S/L of 1.1550, hold long position in EUR/USD. It has the next hurdle at 1.1680.


USD/INR made a high of 65.15 in the previous session. It is advised to book 50% profit in USD/INR @ 65.10-65.20 and hold the rest position.


Dollar index made a high of 95.00 in the previous session. It may drop to 94.50 or lower.


113.50 is a support for USD/JPY while 114.50 is a hurdle. It is advised to short USD/JPY @ 114.50 and book profit @ 113.50.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

It is advised to book 50% profit in US 30 YR Treasury Bonds Yield @ 2.77 (CMP) and hold the rest position. Continue with the strategy of “sell at higher levels”.

Indian stock market

Indian market may be slightly uncertain for the day. In the closing hour, recovery is possible. Tomorrow and day after tomorrow, market may behave positive.

In the previous session, Nifty and Bank Nifty breached the support of 10400 and 25400.

Positional traders are advised to book 50% profit in short position of index.

PSU banks also went through a considerable fall. It is advised to book profit in PSU banks.

Nifty has support at 10300 and resistance at 10500.

Bank Nifty has support at 25200 and resistance at 25520.

Intraday traders shall buy only with the intention of “delivery”.

Disclaimer: View is for information only.

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Indian market below key support levels

Today, Indian market traded below its key support level.

Following is a part of the weekly view on Indian markets shared (on 6th November 2017) with our clients:

Market may witness a considerable fall by tomorrow.
Nifty Fut has support at 10380 and resistance at 10560 while Bank Nifty Fut has support at 25500 and resistance at 25860. Positional traders shall hold short with S/L 10640 (Nifty) for target 9700 and with S/L
26000 (Bank Nifty) for target 24000-23800.


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The outcome of Paradise Papers leak & arrest of Saudi Prince

Global Equity Markets

For today and tomorrow, global markets may go through a correction. From 8th to 10th November, a recovery may be observed.

On 13th, it is the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus; market will see “reversal” of the month. It’ll start to decline. On 16th, Sun shall enter Scorpio; which may worsen the market situation.

It is advised to hold short position in US and other global markets till next session. S&P500 has resistance at 2590-2593 and support at 2553. By tomorrow’s US closing or Wednesday’s Asian morning, S&P500 can drop to 2562-2541.

Negative news have started dominating the market since the arrest of Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who has exposure to major companies around the world. Apart from that, ICJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) has released Paradise papers, that contains over 13.4 million corporate records from tax havens.

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Market trend 26 October 2017

Global Equity Indices

After August 2017, it was for the first time that the US market experienced a sharp correction in the previous session. DOW FUT made a low of 23200 while S&P500 FUT made a low of 2541 & NASDAQ made a low of 6002. These are major support levels for the respective indices; which if breached may open doors to lower levels.

Today, Saturn is finally changing position as well.

DOW has a resistance at 23450 while S&P500 has resistance at 2580 and NASDAQ has resistance at 6130.

With change in position of Saturn, a sharp correction shall happen (mostly today; otherwise tomorrow).

Yesterday, we advised to short S&P500; our target of 2541 was achieved. Today, again you may short 50% S&P500 @ 2558-2560 & rest @ 2570-2575 with S/L 2581 for target 2541. If 2540 is breached then sharp correction is possible; second target for (positional) short position is 2480.


The low in precious metals has been made. For today and tomorrow, the trend is positive. Hold Gold Dec Fut with S/L 1270. Book 50% profit in Gold @ 1290-1291. As long as it sustains above 1293, it may move up to 1300-1320.

Silver has a major support at 16.80. It is advised to book 50% profit @ 17.20-17.25. If 17.25 is crossed then it may move up to 17.45-17.50.


Sell Copper and other base metals at higher levels.


Remain short in crude oil with S/L 53.20 for target 50 by tomorrow or next week.


It is advised to hold long position in NG for target 3.00-3.10.


We have asked to book 50% profit in EUR/USD @ 1.1828. For rest position, hold for target 1.1880.


USD/INR made a high of 65.20 in the previous session. With S/L of 64.60, long USD/INR for target 65.20.


It is advised to book 50% profit in dollar index @ 93.40. For rest position, hold for target 93.00.


50% profit was booked in USD/JPY @ 113.44. Hold rest position for target 112.80.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

The top has been made for now. With change in position of Saturn, trend shall turn negative for bonds. Make short position in US 10 YR with S/L 2.50 and US 30 YR with S/L 3.03.


Indian market behaved positively yesterday. On Tuesday, we advised to long SBI October call option for strike price of 260 @ 1.40. It made a high of 55.00 while we sold the options @ 40.00. Owing to the booster package, the PSU stocks rocketed up yesterday.

A considerable correction is possible today or tomorrow.

Here, you are advised to buy put option in Nifty (November-end) for strike price of 10200 and Bank Nifty (November-end) for strike price of 24500.


NIFTY FUT: 10450-10250

BANK NIFTY: 25200-24800

Buy put options in SBI (November) for strike price of 280.


  • NCC
  • HUL



SBI Call Option

Yesterday, we advised clients to buy call options in SBI October (strike price 260) @ 1.40. Today, we advised to exit @ 40.00 though it has made a high of 55.00.



Phone: +91-9301717647

Market ready to trap you by the end of month

In the last week, stock market didn’t go through the anticipated correction. Last week, Mercury & Mars changed house while Jupiter has already combusted. On 17th, Sun shall enter debilitated sign of Libra. This shall be negative for the market. Anytime, market may enter into bearish mode. It is advised to trade with caution. If this bearishness happens, the negative trend would continue for some time.
Technically, market is in a overbought position. This kind of rally without healthy correction has been indicator of considerable bear trend afterwards. This is happening for the third time in history; prior to this- something similar happened in the year 2000, 2008. You’re being advised to be cautious because you never know when advent of a sudden bad news could breach the key support levels. However, you should take care of the technical levels as well.
S&P500 December contract made a high of 2555 in the previous week. If 2559-2560 is crossed then, it is possible for SPX to hit 2571-2581. If 2535 is breached then it should be a new sell signal. Below 2525, sharp selling is expected. The nearest support in that case would be 2425. The planetary conditions seem to be more aggressive against the market. It is advised to WAIT and WATCH. At the moment, you may remain long in S&P500 with S/L 2535 and enter into short position if it breaches 2535. Banking and financial stocks may witness considerable fall if the anticipated correction happens.

Indian stock market:  We were expecting a correction as per astrology after 12th October; which didn’t happen. This week continues to be dangerous. If the correction comes then it would continue for some more time ahead. Nifty has major support at 10100 and resistance at 10290 while Bank Nifty has major support at 24500 and resistance at 25000. The market has been continuously moving upward without correction. Technically, market is in a overbought state. The P/E of Nifty has almost crossed 26; for the third time in history (previously – 2000, 2008).  It is high time to take care.


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