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PreOrder Annual Letter 2017

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Annual Predictions for Global Financial Markets and Economies

Annual Letter 2017

Annual Letter 2017

Your Handy Guide To The Trend in 2017

Key Highlights:

  • Short-Medium-Long Term predictions for major markets
  • Key trend turn dates (medium / long term)
  • Prediction on Global Economies
  • The Future Of Bullion and Industrial Metals
  • Movements in Agro & Energy products
  • Potential changes in major Currency Pairs
  • Treasury Bonds*** (Exclusive)
  • Important Guidelines for Traders & Investors

It’s high time for you to choose the right solution for your investment planning in the year ahead. Annual Letter 2017 will help you make rational decisions that boost your ROI.

PS: Predictions are based on astrology.

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Impact of US Elections on stocks and bullion: Hillary Clinton v/s Donald Trump

In the last week, FBI’s news against Hilary Clinton led to a sell off (over stock market sentiment). Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are the candidates for US presidential election. Their horoscopes indicates a very close fight to victory. After election, a sell off is indicated for equities and supportive sentiment is indicated for bullion.

dt hc

As per astrology, it will either be Donald Trump winning the election or a draw. The period of 7th-8th November is more in favor of Donald Trump than Hilary Clinton. On the other hand, if Hilary Clinton emerges victorious then too, she might land up in controversies. This election is supposed to have a slight margin of victory.

Is Gold Ready For Breakout?

Global Equity Indices

Market has opened negative as per our expectations. Today, market is supposed to recover from lower levels. Closing can be slightly positive. By Friday, another considerable decline is indicated in equities. We had asked you to short S&P500 DEC FUT around 2140.

Weekly closing for S&P500 DEC FUT shall be 2050 or below. It is advisable to book 50% profit in short position at 2097 and add short position around 2120-30.

Instead of making long position at lower levels, you are advised to make short position at higher levels.

ALERT: You are advised to book 50% short position in different stock indices at current price and hold the rest 50% position. At higher levels that may come, you shall accumulate short position.


  • DOW (FUT): 17810-17980
  • S&P 500 (FUT): 2084-2120
  • NASDAQ (FUT): 4720-4760
  • FTSE (FUT): 6820-6900
  • CAC(OCT FUT): 4420-4460
  • DAX(FUT): 10420-10540
  • AEX(OCT FUT): 445-452
  • HENG SENG(FUT): 23000-22700


Bullion is trading bullish as per our expectations. It is bullish until 15 December and has the potential to reach 1370 and 21 respectively for Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver made a high of 1292 and 18.45 in the previous trading session. We advised you to long Gold around 1265 and Silver around 17.50.

You are now advised to book 30% profit at current price (1290 & 18.40). Bullion is volatile to positive for today and tomorrow. On Friday, downward trend is anticipated for precious metals. On 7th & 8th November 2016, trend is again positive.


  • GOLD (DEC): 1282-1304
  • SILVER (DEC): 18.30-18.65


Copper shall be bullish with medium term perspective. However, you are advised to book 30% profit at 2.22. You were originally advised to long Copper at 2.12.

In approximately a month, the price of Copper can jump up to 2.50.


– COPPER: 2.18-2.23


Crude oil shall make a low today. It can drop to 45.50-45.00. A bounce back is expected in the next trading session. Next week, it shall again trade negative.


NG shall drop to 2.50 in the next 2 months.


  • CRUDE: 47-45
  • NG: 2.95-2.80



You are advised to book 50% profit in EUR/USD at current price (1.1066). This position was originally bought at 1.0880. Hold rest 50% position with S/L 1.100 for target 1.1140.


In next week, a big breakout is possible for USD/INR. Hold long position in USD/INR and add long position around 66.70.


Dollar index can drop to 97 by tomorrow.


  • EUR/USD: 1.1020-1.1120
  • USD/INR: 66.70-66.90
  • DOLLAR INDEX: 97.75-97.20

US Treasury Bonds

You were earlier advised to long bonds at 1.84 and 2.64 (US 30 YR)  – you should book 30% profit around 2.56 (US 10 YR) and 1.80 (US 30 YR).


US 10 YR TREASURY: 1.83-1.78

US 30 YR TREASURY: 2.60-2.52


Indian market shall be volatile to bearish with a gap down opening.

You are advised to book 50% profit in short position of Nifty Nov Fut around 8550-8500 and Bank Nifty around 19200-19250. Hold rest position for target 8500 or below & 19000 respectively (Nifty and Bank Nifty Fut).


  • NIFTY FUT: 8620-8520
  • BANK NIFTY: 19450-19200 & BELOW


  • GATI S/L ??? TGT ???
  • MCX S/L ??? TGT ???
  • DECCAN GOLD S/L ??? TGT ???


  • JSPL S/L ??? TGT ???
  • TATA STEEL S/L ??? TGT ???
  • HDIL S/L ?????? TGT ???
  • YES BANK S/L ??? TGT ???
  • BANK OF BARODA S/L ??? TGT ???

Disclaimer: The information in this post is for information only and trading on these recommendations is entirely your decision.

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On account of the auspicious occasion of Diwali, we bring to you a special offer on all of our subscription packages:

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screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-8-04-56-amFor the first time, we are also introducing a ONE-MONTH package for Indian stock market / Indian commodities/ International equities / International commodities. For offer details, pls e-mail or call +91-9301717647.

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Today’s newsletter for review

Here is a part of today’s newsletter (sent in morning)

Global Equity Indices

Today, it is the job announcement which might mean highly volatile trend through we anticipate a supportive state for markets until Monday.

You can accumulate long position in S&P500  around 2140-45 or build short position around 2160-2165 – whichever comes first.

After 11th, a sharp decline shall be observed which will drive S&P500 down to 2100 or lower.

Heng Seng shall be closed on Monday.

Precious Metals

Bullion shall move up for the day but due to job announcement data, we aren’t very sure.

Use S/L of 1242 and 17.10 for GOLD and SILVER respectively.

Last Monday, Mars moved to debilitated sign Cancer, which built a pressure in precious metals. Mars shall exit from Cancer next day.

Hence, next Monday and Tuesday shall turn positive.

Around early morning, Sun changed in navmanasha and moved to Cancer with Mars – this might make the conditions supportive for price of gold and silver.

Avoid trading without stop loss.


Crude oil shall be supportive until next Monday / Tuesday. On the higher side, it has potentials to move to 51-52. After 11th October 2016, a sharp fall shall be observed in crude which may force it to breach 43 by Oct-end.

Maintain “sell on rise” strategy for crude oil.



Update for Gold, Silver and crude oil

Owing to the highly volatile trend observed in bullion, our team decided to open a portion of our position and view on precious metals.

Key points to be noted: 

The major support for GOLD lies at 1250.With this level as stop loss, we have entered into long position for target 1278-1288.

Similarly, we built long position in Silver @ 17.60 with S/L 17.40 for target 18.00-18.60.

Advice about crude oil: 

We are short in crude oil @ 49.90 for positional target 43.00 and below.

What’s next in S&P500??

Also, we advised short position in s&p500 (dec) @ 2155 for target 2140-2135.



Take advantage of “Special Navratri Offer” on our subscription services. For details, call : +91-9301717647 or e-mail

Part of weekly letter

Global Equity Indices

In the current week, market may begin with an upward trend. After mid-week, correction is anticipated. Market shall be overall positive until 12th October 2016. A top of 2170-80 is expected. As per planetary conditions, we do not expect S&P500 to cross 2200.

On 13th, Venus shall enter Scorpio – this shall bring a sharp correction in equities.

Overall in the period until early November, S&P500 can drop to 2100 or lower.

Market shall witness a big problem around second half of December 2016. The lead of this issue may arise from American or European countries driving S&P500 down to 1900 or lower.

In the current week, market is positive on 3rd and 4th October 2016.

For 5th to 7th October, zigzag pattern with bearish influence is indicated.

On the higher side, S&P500 can move up to 2180 and on the lower side, it can drop to 2140.

In next week, 10th to 12th shall be slightly positive.

UK market may bring a major issue in the near term and hence you should trade with caution. The problem shall be there after 12th October 2016.

Precious Metals

The low in bullion has been made last week. Positive trend shall start in bullion from 06.00 PM IST.


<<Detailed view, strategy and range: ONLY FOR MEMBERS>>

Special ‘Birthday’ Offer

Today, it happens to be Mr Rajeev Prakash Agarwal’s birthday and hence we bring to you a special offer on subscription.

All the quarterly subscriptions paid today shall be extended by 1.5 months – which means an exactly 50% extension on subscription period.

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A/C NO: 004105500654


Alternatively, you can make the payment by WESTERN UNION.

For further details / query, please e-mail or call +91-9301717647. 


Newsletter sent this morning

Global Equity Indices

Today, retrograded Mercury shall enter Leo while Jupiter shall combust on 11th of the month. This may bring a big crash in stock market. Next week, market may witness a considerable bearish phase.

S&P500 FUT may drop to 2134 or lower.

Today as well, market shall close bearish.

Intraday traders can book partial profit at 2177 and hold rest position for next week. If 2184 is retested then again short S&P500.

Due to the planetary positions prevailing in this period, banking and financial stocks may decline. Hold short position in Heng Seng for next week. You may add short position in Heng Seng at closing.

TODAY’S TRADING RANGE: * Sept contract

  • DOW (FUT): 18520-18350
  • S&P 500 (FUT): 2184-2163
  • NASDAQ (FUT): 4820-4750
  • FTSE (FUT): 6890-6780
  • CAC(FUT): 4590-4480
  • DAX(FUT): 10750-10540
  • AEX(AUG FUT): 463-452
  • HENG SENG(FUT): 24200-23700


Jupiter is combusting on 11th September 2016.  Bullion shall turn highly bullish from next week. By end of September 2016, Gold and Silver may reach higher levels.

It is advised to long gold and silver on dips.

From 06.00 PM IST / US Opening, Mercury is entering Leo, this shall bring a correction in gold and silver.

It is the Scorpio Moon that may reverse the anticipated trend.

You may book profit in 50% of existing long position in Gold and Silver shall be booked at 1348-1352 and 20.00-20.10. If a dip is seen after 05.30 PM IST, you may accumulate long position in GOLD @ 1335 (+/- 5) & SILVER @ 19.50 (+/- 0.10).


  • GOLD (DEC): 1352-1332
  • SILVER (SEPT): 20.00-19.50


Copper shall follow the trend in bullion. Next week, Copper is positive.


– COPPER: 2.09-2.12



Crude oil may witness profit booking for some time. If 47 is breached then you may short oil with S/L 48 for intraday target 46. Do not forget to accumulate long position in oil on dips as next week’s trend is bullish for crude.

The price of crude oil has potentials to reach $50/bbl in next week.


NG is positive for the day. It can move up to 2.88-2.90.


Hold position in USD/INR for next week.


  • USD/INR: 66.30-66.70


It is advisable to maintain “sell on rise” strategy in Indian market as next week may witness market in declining phase.

With S/L of 8921, hold short position in Nifty and S/L of 19600, hold short position in Bank Nifty. If the suggested S/L are triggered you may build short position at closing.


  • NIFTY FUT: 8990-8880
  • BANK NIFTY: 19620-19350


  • BHEL
  • SAIL
  • JSPL
  • DLF

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