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Portion of last weekly letter

(As sent on 28th Nov 2016)

Global Equity Indices

Last week, S&P500 DEC contract made a low of 2184 and a high of 2216. On 25th, it was Jupiter square Pluto that led to the top of S&P500. For now, the top has been made. Next buying is recommended only above 2216. With S/L of 2216, you may short S&P500. Today and tomorrow, trend is bearish. Next day after GDP data, market will move up. This upward move may last until Thursday. On Friday, market shall again decline after non-farm payroll announcement.

In the current week, stock market has more of downside risk. S&P500 can drop to 2150 or below by Friday.

Heng Seng shall be positive for today and tomorrow.

Precious Metals

he low of bullion (GOLD: 1171 & SILVER: 16.15) has been made in previous week. These recent lows shall not be breached in the near time ahead.

Today, trend is positive for bullion.

Next day after GDP announcement, a downside trend may be observed. On Thursday-Friday, rangebound to bearish trend is possible.

On Friday after non-farm payroll announcement, bullion shall turn bullish.

Positional traders can hold long position with last week’s low as stop loss in Gold and Silver.

Next week shall continue to be bullish for precious metals.



NG is in overall positive trend until 1st December 2016. From 2nd December, it shall start to decline. Long NG with S/L of 3.20.

US Treasury Bonds

The last week saw the lows for treasury bonds. In the current week, Monday and Tuesday are positive while Wednesday and Thursday are negative. On Friday again, upward trend is indicated.

Buy treasury bonds on dips.


Upcoming trend for Bullion and Treasury Bonds

Trend in Bullion

As expected, Mars transition into Aries navmansha led to trend change in bullion.

Today onwards, bullion is bullish for the entire week. Weekly closing can be around ####-#### for Gold.

At intraday perspective, Gold and Silver are bullish. The top will be made around 6 PM IST. Closing shall be positive. Next day, profit booking may be observed. On 17th and 18th, trend shall be again bullish.

Weekly closing shall be bullish.

What’s next in treasury bonds??

Weekly low of bonds has been made in the previous trading session. It shall move up today. Next day, slight profit booking is anticipated.

On Thursday-Friday, upward trend is indicated. You are advised to long bonds at current market price and follow the strategy adopted under precious metals. Weekly closing of bonds shall be at higher level.

Our prediction in weekly and daily letter turns out to be true

Here’s an excerpt from the weekly letter:

Global Equity Indices

Stock market is expected to be highly bearish in the current week. Today, trend may be volatile but slight recovery is possible. Next day onwards, the negative trend shall start dominating the market. The most bearish day of the week is supposed to be Wednesday.

On Thursday and Friday, slight recovery may be observed but overall, market is bearish. Next Monday shall also be bearish.

You are advised to short S&P500 at 2105. In the current week, it can drop to 2050-2020 or lower.

Last week’s Friday, a low of 2078 was made by S&P500 FUT.

US election is scheduled on 8th November 2016.

Precious Metals

Venus shall move to Sagittarius – owing to this, a highly positive trend may be observed by 8th or 9th November 2016. Gold may move up to 1340 or higher while Silver may move up to 19.50 or higher in this bull run.

On the lower side, Gold can drop to 1284 while Silver can drop to 17.

On Thursday and Friday, profit booking is indicated. Next week’s Monday onwards, it shall enter recovering mode.


EUR/USD can move up to 1.1180-1.1200 in next 2 days. It is advisable to accumulate long position in EUR/USD on dips.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market shall be volatile to slightly positive for the day. By Wednesday, Nifty can drop below 8400.

Short Nifty around 8520-8550 and Bank Nifty around 19400.



Here’s an excerpt from Tuesday’s Daily Newsletter:

Global Equity Indices

Today, it is the US presidential election. Market may experience profit booking at higher level. Next day, market may turn negative. As per astrology, next day is one of the most negative days of the week. As per astrology, next day is more supportive for Donald Trump but if Hillary Clinton emerges victorious then too, the results will be really close. Market shall decline.

You are advised to trade with caution and use a S/L as market could be opposite of our expectation in case the prediction goes wrong.

Today, it is expected to drop down to 2100. You are advised to book 50% profit around 2100 and hold rest position with S/L for next day.

Precious Metals

Bullion shall be bullish for the day. Today, gold can move up to 13?? while Silver can move up to 18.80. If the expected targets are achieved today, you must book 50% profit today itself and hold rest with s/l for tomorrow.

MCX traders shall book 75% profit in bullion at higher level on closing. Carry forward only 25% position for next day.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market shall experience profit booking in the second half. Next day shall be negative.

With S/L of 8600. short Nifty.


Donald Trump won as per our expectations and the equities declined while bullion is moving up! We hope you like our predictions! One of the characteristic of our content is crisp and clear words. In case you don’t wish to miss such key updates, subscribe to our services.

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Impact of US Elections on stocks and bullion: Hillary Clinton v/s Donald Trump

In the last week, FBI’s news against Hilary Clinton led to a sell off (over stock market sentiment). Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are the candidates for US presidential election. Their horoscopes indicates a very close fight to victory. After election, a sell off is indicated for equities and supportive sentiment is indicated for bullion.

dt hc

As per astrology, it will either be Donald Trump winning the election or a draw. The period of 7th-8th November is more in favor of Donald Trump than Hilary Clinton. On the other hand, if Hilary Clinton emerges victorious then too, she might land up in controversies. This election is supposed to have a slight margin of victory.

Is Gold Ready For Breakout?

Global Equity Indices

Market has opened negative as per our expectations. Today, market is supposed to recover from lower levels. Closing can be slightly positive. By Friday, another considerable decline is indicated in equities. We had asked you to short S&P500 DEC FUT around 2140.

Weekly closing for S&P500 DEC FUT shall be 2050 or below. It is advisable to book 50% profit in short position at 2097 and add short position around 2120-30.

Instead of making long position at lower levels, you are advised to make short position at higher levels.

ALERT: You are advised to book 50% short position in different stock indices at current price and hold the rest 50% position. At higher levels that may come, you shall accumulate short position.


  • DOW (FUT): 17810-17980
  • S&P 500 (FUT): 2084-2120
  • NASDAQ (FUT): 4720-4760
  • FTSE (FUT): 6820-6900
  • CAC(OCT FUT): 4420-4460
  • DAX(FUT): 10420-10540
  • AEX(OCT FUT): 445-452
  • HENG SENG(FUT): 23000-22700


Bullion is trading bullish as per our expectations. It is bullish until 15 December and has the potential to reach 1370 and 21 respectively for Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver made a high of 1292 and 18.45 in the previous trading session. We advised you to long Gold around 1265 and Silver around 17.50.

You are now advised to book 30% profit at current price (1290 & 18.40). Bullion is volatile to positive for today and tomorrow. On Friday, downward trend is anticipated for precious metals. On 7th & 8th November 2016, trend is again positive.


  • GOLD (DEC): 1282-1304
  • SILVER (DEC): 18.30-18.65


Copper shall be bullish with medium term perspective. However, you are advised to book 30% profit at 2.22. You were originally advised to long Copper at 2.12.

In approximately a month, the price of Copper can jump up to 2.50.


– COPPER: 2.18-2.23


Crude oil shall make a low today. It can drop to 45.50-45.00. A bounce back is expected in the next trading session. Next week, it shall again trade negative.


NG shall drop to 2.50 in the next 2 months.


  • CRUDE: 47-45
  • NG: 2.95-2.80



You are advised to book 50% profit in EUR/USD at current price (1.1066). This position was originally bought at 1.0880. Hold rest 50% position with S/L 1.100 for target 1.1140.


In next week, a big breakout is possible for USD/INR. Hold long position in USD/INR and add long position around 66.70.


Dollar index can drop to 97 by tomorrow.


  • EUR/USD: 1.1020-1.1120
  • USD/INR: 66.70-66.90
  • DOLLAR INDEX: 97.75-97.20

US Treasury Bonds

You were earlier advised to long bonds at 1.84 and 2.64 (US 30 YR)  – you should book 30% profit around 2.56 (US 10 YR) and 1.80 (US 30 YR).


US 10 YR TREASURY: 1.83-1.78

US 30 YR TREASURY: 2.60-2.52


Indian market shall be volatile to bearish with a gap down opening.

You are advised to book 50% profit in short position of Nifty Nov Fut around 8550-8500 and Bank Nifty around 19200-19250. Hold rest position for target 8500 or below & 19000 respectively (Nifty and Bank Nifty Fut).


  • NIFTY FUT: 8620-8520
  • BANK NIFTY: 19450-19200 & BELOW


  • GATI S/L ??? TGT ???
  • MCX S/L ??? TGT ???
  • DECCAN GOLD S/L ??? TGT ???


  • JSPL S/L ??? TGT ???
  • TATA STEEL S/L ??? TGT ???
  • HDIL S/L ?????? TGT ???
  • YES BANK S/L ??? TGT ???
  • BANK OF BARODA S/L ??? TGT ???

Disclaimer: The information in this post is for information only and trading on these recommendations is entirely your decision.

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