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Gold and Silver touched target

Stock Markets Around the globe Global markets shall recover from lower levels. On Monday, trend is expected to be positive. Last day, S&P500 made a low of 1,945.80. BUY S&P500 with stop loss 1,945 /1,940 for target 1,975+ in next week. BUY DOW FUT with stop loss 16,700 /16,740 for target 16,980 in next week. […]

Revising View on Gold and Silver

PRECIOUS METALS It’s time that we need to revise our view on bullion. We feel that Gold will not breach 1,310 this week and Silver will not breach 20.80 this week. The next week is positive for bullion. INTRA-DAY VIEW: Bullion is positive till UK opening. Slight declining trend shall be seen from UK opening […]

Bullion ready for correction

PRECIOUS METALS Precious metals shall be supportive. Gold shall trade between 1,313-1,325. Bullion shall be supportive for the day. From next day, sharp decline is indicated, which would last till Friday. Gold could drop to 1,290 by Friday while Silver could drop below 20.50 by Friday. It is advisable to sell gold and silver at […]

Indian Stock Market for 8th July 2014


Gold to reach 2,000$/Oz by year end

Major Planetary Changes for July 2014 -        Scorpio Moon to start from 20.00 HRS IST (8th July 2014) and to continue till 23.15 HRS IST (10th July 2014). Under Scorpio Moon, market shall be highly uncertain. Heavy volatility is indicated. -        Sun entered in “Punarvasu” nakshatra on 6th July 2014. -        Rahu shall enter in […]

View for 3rd July 2014

Stock Markets Around the globe Global markets shall be supportive in first half. Profit booking may be observed in second half. Tomorrow as well, weakness may be seen. After US non-farm roll pay data announcement, correction may be seen in American market. You are advised to book profit in DOW, NASDAQ, S&P500 before the data’s […]

A part of last day’s newsletter; Know when to long bullion

Here is, previous day’s newsletter. PRECIOUS METALS Precious metals shall be in correction mode from 16.30 HRS IST. This correction is expected to continue till Thursday. By 16.30 HRS IST, Gold can go up to 1,325 while Silver can go up to 21.15. At higher levels , you are advised to make short position in […]

Targets achieved for bullion; When to long bullion next

PRECIOUS METALS Since 11th June 2014, we have been asking investors to long bullion. 1,318 was the high GOLD made last trading session while Silver’s high was 20.80.Our targets have been successfully achieved. Bullion is overall bullish till 24th. However, volatility shall increase from the day. It is advisable to buy bullion on dips. You […]

18th June 2014: Coming up bullish cycle for bullion

Daily Newsletter (18th June 2014) Stock Markets Around the globe Next morning, Jupiter shall enter in exalted sign Cancer. Next one year shall be a bull-cycle for bullion. Saturn is already running in exalted sign Libra. Rahu shall enter in exalted sign Virgo on 15th July 2014. These 3 big planets are in exalted sign. […]

Indian Stock Market View turns out to be correct

INDIAN STOCK MARKET Today, Indian market may experience weakness in the first half of trading session. In the second half of trading session, recovery is expected. For next day, positive trend is forecasted. Nifty Fut if drops below 7,510 then could drop below 7,480. Nifty Fut if sustains above 7,580 then shall go up to […]

10th June 2014: Investment Advice for Bullion and Stocks

Stock Markets Around the globe It’s the last day of positive trend for global stock indexes. Market is ready for down-side correction any time around today’s closing hours (of respective markets). This correction may continue with ups and downs till 17th June 2014. You are advised to make short position at higher level. Make 50% […]

Currency and Gold for 5th June 2014

PRECIOUS METALS Today, bullion is expected to move in positive direction especially after ECB announcement. TRADING RANGE: -        GOLD : 1,240-1,260 -        SILVER:18.60-19.10 CURRENCIES EURO EUR/USD shall go upside after ECB announcement. Buy EUR/USD at lower level or before ECB announcement. INDIAN RUPEE (USD/INR) Hold USD/INR(SPOT) with stop loss 58.80 for target 60.00. DOLLAR INDEX […]

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