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Astrology & Parenting: Year End Note

The year is about to end in a couple of days and so our team thought of conveying a very small but meaningful message for the parents in the 21st century. Check out Mr Rajeev’s views on parenting and how you could enhance your bond with kids.

From now onwards, every Tuesday -> we will be covering a small topic from the perspective of astrology.

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Our journey in financial market completes 11.5 years.
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The 3 Mistakes You Made & Need to Skip:
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Christmas Rally To End Or Continue : A Big Question

Dear Visitors,

Greetings of the day!

The year is coming to an end and we wish you a happy, beneficial and profitable year ahead. May God bless all of us and our near & dear ones with a healthy and cheerful life ahead & our dreams getting fulfilled.

We are happy to announce that “ASTRODUNIA” is shifting to its new base in Indore – with better resources & infrastructure.




We hope that we will continue receiving your support in this transition which is going to be crucial with our upcoming endeavors and undertakings. AstroDunia has been in operation since 2004. It has been more than a decade (actually 11.5 years to be precise!) that was spent on researching and implementing “financial astrology” as well as “personal astrology” based services and products with the best efforts of our team. And there are certain exciting announcements – in case you missed it – Annual Letter 2016 is set to be launched in first week of January’16. And, we are working hard to release a mobile app (“MONEY GAIN”) that will deliver live trading signals (for international markets) – this will help investors stay connected with our alerts. You are cordially invited to make any suggestions.

Hence, the year 2016 is going to be actually exciting for all of us.

Wish you the best of luck! Merry X-mas & Happy New Year in advance. Let us work really hard together and reach the zenith of success.


Best Wishes & Compliments,

Rajeev Prakash Agarwal & Team

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Global Equity Indices

In the weekly letter, it was mentioned that market would be overall positive for the week but 21st to 22nd could be uncertain / slightly weak. The trend market undertook has confirmed our prediction. The target mentioned in weekly letter for S&P500 FUT: 2060 was almost achieved.  For today as well, trend shall continue to be positive.

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News: U.S. Personal Spending Rises 0.3% in November

U S. consumer spending rose in line with market expectations in November, whereas personal income topped expectations, official data showed on Wednesday.
In a report, the Commerce Department aforementi1d that non-public disbursal inched up by a seasonally adjusted 0.3% last month, meeting forecasts. Personal spending for Oct was revised right down to a flat reading from a antecedently according gain of 0.1%.Continue reading

X-mas Gift For You : View on Equities and Bullion |Book AL2016 for $95

Global Equity Indices

Last Friday, US market closed with a crash. S&P500 MARCH FUT closed at 1994 while DOW closed at 17032.

For today i.e. 21st December, negative trend is expected in equities. If recovery is seen from lower levels, it shall again drop by closing. On Tuesday, opening is expected at lower levels. And then, recovery is expected.

On Wed-Thursday, positive trend is expected.

From 24th, correction may be seen at higher levels.

Next week’s Monday is again negative.

On the lower side, S&p500 MARCH FUT can dip to 1980 while on the higher side, it can move up to 2040-2060.  It is not expected that S&P500 closes above 2060 (weekly basis).

Around ???? – ????, you can make short position in S&P500 FUT for next week.

Around ????-????, you can make long position next day around US opening.


Indian market shall have gap down opening. Recovery may be seen from lower level. Closing shall be again negative. Next day as well, market shall have negative opening followed by recovery in second half. Next day, market may close positive.

Wednesday-Thursday shall be positive for Indian equities. On the lower side, NIFTY may drop to 7650 or lower by next day. And then, it’ll move up to 7800-7900 by Thursday.

It should be noted that it may not sustain above 7900.

The next week seems to be negative / weak for Nifty.


Highlights of last Friday:

HIGH 1070 14.20
CLOSE 1065 14.07

On Friday, a strong recovery was observed – as expected.

In this week, overall bullish trend is expected.

On Monday, slightly bearish trend is indicated. It is advisable to make long position on dips.

Tuesday-Thursday, bullish trend is expected.

On the higher side, Gold, Silver may shoot up to???? ,??.?? .

However, next Monday shall be negative.

ALERT: WHEN WILL S&p500 HIT 2135 AND DROP TO 1800 OR LOWER NEXT YEAR?  When will Indian index Nifty cross 8200 and drop below 7000? Gold Above 1160 and below 1020 BUT WHEN???
When Will Gold Reach $1500/Oz & SILVER Reach $27/Oz?
Crude Oil: first $52 or below $30?

To know all such secrets of trade, you MUST buy ANNUAL LETTER 2016. . On the auspicious occasion of X-MAS, you can choose to purchase ANNUAL LETTER 2016 (without any additional offer) at $95 ( = 5,500 INR). For details, e-mail: or call : +91-9669919000. Book is set to release in first week of January 2016. After release, the price shall be back to $150 ( = 9,000 INR). 

Equity and Bullion experienced fall – what’s next?

—————<< Part of 17 dec 2015: newsletter>>———-
FOMC hiked the interest rate as per our last expectations (0.25%). Equity market shall witness profit booking in a day or two. At an overall perspective, positivity shall lead the market till Christmas. You can add long position in S&P500 FUT @ 2040-2030. Intraday traders may make short position in S&P500 MARCH FUT @ 2060-2065 with s/l 2080 for target 2035.

You are advised to hold long position in US 10 YR Treasury for target 2.20.

Book 50% profit in short position @ 66.50-66.40 and hold rest position.
On Friday, a bounce back is expected in USD/INR.
———————–<< Part of 18 dec 2015’s newsletter>>—–
The square of Sun-Rahu led markets to serious declining trend last day.
Today, recovery is expected from lower levels in equities. On Monday, mixed trend is expected. A similar aspect was observed in bullion – Gold made a low of 1046 while Silver made a low of 13.62. On Wednesday, Gold made a high of 1076 & Silver made a high of 14.30 – confirming the bullishness expected in our weekly newsletter.
It is a “BIG” Question if Gold will also recover or NOT??? Will Gold Again Cross 1075 or Breach 1024 & Silver Again Cross 14.40 or Breach 13.50? Has the bottom of crude oil been made? Will the trend reverse for crude oil from today?

In Monday’s weekly newsletter, we had mentioned correction / profit booking on Friday in Indian equity market. Our upper target of 7800 & 16800 for NIFTY FUT & BankNifty were achieved last day. Today i.e. Friday, market shall have gap down opening. But what’s next? Will Market Reverse or Correct Further????

We had advised traders to short USD/INR @ 67.20. Within 48 hours, it dropped down 66.30.



Next 2 Days could be HIGHLY Volatile And Profitable

Various markets (such as US Equity, Indian Stock, US Bonds, USD/INR, EURO, DOLLAR INDEX, Crude Oil) behaved exactly as per our prediction published yesterday.

In the next 2 days, a lot of money could be made with trading!

It is the FOMC action on “INTEREST RATE DECISION” today.













————————[Detailed view & trading recommendations have been delivered to our “PAID” subscribers]———–

A part of today’s letter will be opened up next evening.

If you are interested in receiving our reports / trading signals, drop an e-mail to or call : +91-9669919000.

Financial markets seem to dance with upcoming FOMC announcement on interest-rate decision

Global EQUITY Indices

Financial markets seem to dance with FOMC announcement due in the next trading session. We are positive about equities.

Last Friday, we had mentioned that markets would make a bottom and then experience a strong bounce back. It was also mentioned that if market turns negative on Monday, it shall prove to be positive on Tuesday. Market has behaved as per our expectations. S&P500 MARCH contract made a low of 1983. However, high made was around 2018 and it closed at 2013. Today, equity market is more energetic. S&P500 MARCH FUTURE can cross 2030. Around 2030-2038, you can book 50% profit in long position. On Wednesday-Thursday, market is likely to move upward. It could shoot up to 2040-2070-2080.

Till Thursday’s closing, market is bullish. On Friday, correction may be seen at higher levels.

This may continue for next week.

But in next week, market shall be mixed to positive.


As per our expectation, Indian market traded in the last trading session Nifty made a low of 7580 and a high of 7680. Today as well, a dip shall be seen as buying opportunity.

In the next 2 days, it can cross 7800. On Friday, profit booking may be seen at higher level.


  • NIFTY FUT: 7620-7720
  • BANK NIFTY: 16250-16700





Crude Oil traded exactly as per our expectation. We had already indicated a bounce back and maintained “buy on dips” strategy for oil.

Last day, crude oil took a U turn from low of 34.20 and built a high of 36.60.

Today as well, you can accumulate long position at lower levels.

In the next 2 days, it shall cross 39.00. Exact levels cannot be predicted but it may move up to 41-43.

However Friday onwards, Crude shall again be back to downside move, which will continue for next week.



Bonds shall continue to drop till the FOMC announcement. However, post FOMC meeting, it may bounce back. If it shoots up to 2.25-2.28, you can book 50% profit.



EUR/USD shall decline for the day. It made a high of 1.1050 in the last trading session. Around 1.0950, you can accumulate 50% long position. And again around 1.0880, you can add 50% long position.

Wednesday-Thursday shall be more positive for EUR/USD – it can shoot up to 1.1100.


Gold first made a low of 1063 in the last trading session and then a high of 1074 followed by low of 1059. Currently, it is trading at 1064. Once again, bullion is ready to move up.

In Wednesday-Thursday, Gold can try to hit around 1100 while Silver shall try to reach 14.50.

 Important Note: If you happen to be a long term investor / professional trader, it is highly recommended to order “ANNUAL LETTER 2016” as we’re offering exceptional value with it by providing support throughout the year (on major / long term trends)! Along with this, you’ll get DAILY + WEEKLY NEWSLETTER till release (expected in first week of Jan 2016).For details, e-mail astrodunia(at) or call : +91-9669919000.




Gold may shine next year, to touch 1200 & AstroDunia to introduce app for live trading signals

Gold mining stock which is currently trading at nine year’s low, is expected to give considerable returns to long term investors for about two years, starting from July next year. The current buying in gold will hopefully compensate the losses the investors made in gold and silver in 2015, says, Mr Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, eminent financial astrologer and CEO ( & www, in his Annual Letter for the financial and stock market set to be released by the first week of January next year (2016).

Pre-order this book and get access to complimentary weekly newsletter for December 2015 and Daily Newsletter for last 1 week of the release

The Best Investment Guide for Investors in 2016

Giving a brief insight about his forecast for the financial market and investors for the financial year 2016-17, Mr Agarwal who is associated with the stock market since 2005, says that the first quarter of 2016 shall remain positive and volatile with S&P500 in all likelihood would cross the level of 2135.

However, he has predicted sharp correction between April-May 2016 with S&P500 declining to the level of 1700-1800. According to him, from May onward next year, the Market will once again bounce back, thereby creating a strong buying opportunities for the investors. The positive trend in Market will continue for the next two years from May 2016 and by 2017, the S&P500 may touch the level of 2500.

Mr Agarwal whose predictions about crisis in Indian equity market in January 2008 had hogged newspapers’ limelight, sees revival in gold prices next year which can shoot up to 1200 in the first quarter of 2016, He has a advice for the long term investors to wait for July 2016 to make buying position in gold for a period of two years. Mr Rajeev Prakash Agarwal’s in his fourth edition of Annual Letter 2016 — an ebook has provided ample strategies for traders and investors dealing in equities, precious metals, energy products, agro-products, currencies and bonds.

Shashi Prakash Agarwal, Tech Head of AstroDunia announced that his company by middle of January next year will introduce an app for investors to facilitate live trading signals.

Trend Reversal in Indian and US Equity

Trend shall reverse in Indian and US Equity market & Crude Oil from today.














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10th December 2015: Wedding Anniversary Offer

Dear Viewers,

Today is 10th December 2015 – the wedding anniversary of Mr Rajeev & Mrs Madhu Agarwal. On this very auspicious occasion, we wish to extend a 20% OFF on our services (we ‘ve been following this tradition since quite long).
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