The Morning Letter: We indicated sharp fall !

We had indicated the sharp fall in our last day’s letter (which was open on the website).

Here’s the content of today’s ALERT sent to our annual letter , live trading call & newsletter subscribers :

Before COMEX opening(AROUND 18.30 HRS IST) , make 50 % short position in bullion and rest 50% short around 21.30 HRS (IST). Use stop loss 31.60 for silver and 1665 for Gold. Target : 30$ -29$in Silver & 1620 in Gold. We shall send a notification when you need to book profit. ——————————————————————

Here’s a part of the astrological view on Precious Metals for 14-FEB-2013:

Today, precious metals are highly volatile with ups and downs.

But by tomorrow, sharp fall can come any time.

Our astrological indicator says that bullion can go down sharply (especially from US opening). An estimated time could be : 21.30 HRS (IST) to late night, in which a big fall can come.

Sell on higher levels.

From 15.30 HRS (IST) to 21.00/21.30 HRS (IST), a bounce back can be there.

At that bounce, make short position on higher level.

Gold can go down to 1,620 by tomorrow.  And Silver can go below 30.00 by tomorrow.

..Bet you wont get a better accuracy!

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