Keeping an eye on RBI’s policy and FOMC announcement

Global Stock Indices:

Today, owing to FOMC announcement, market shall be heavily volatile and uncertain. However, as far as astrology is concerned, FOMC announcement shouldn’t bring us a bad news.

We do not expect any major decision from the FOMC announcement and as an after effect, S&P500 would climb up and may try to cross 1,785-1,790. It shall be recommended to book profit in S&P500 at higher levels there itself.  And then for tomorrow, US market could be a bit weak, due to which, we’ll wait for next day to make fresh positions.

Furthermore, next day’s opening for Stock market {Asian, European} can be positive.

It is recommended to use a stop loss.

Major support for:

S&P500: 1,760

DOW: 15,600

If the said supports are breached then sharp decline is possible. Use these support levels as your stop loss.

Today’s Trading Range:

-          DOW(FUT):15,720-15,940

-          S&P500(FUT):1,764-1,785+

-          NASDAQ(FUT):3,420-3,490

-          FTSE100(FUT):6,440-6,550

-          CAC40(FUT):4,030-4,105

-          DAX(FUT):9,080-9,150

-          HANG SENG (FUT):22,940-23,300

-          NIFTY(SPOT):6,100-6,200

Precious Metals:

From the FOMC announcement, we do not expect any major decision {in negative direction}. And hence, around FOMC announcement, Precious Metals may climb up to higher levels.

You are recommended to book profit there because correction could be observed after FOMC announcement. Tomorrow, opening could be a bit weak for Precious Metals. Hence again a reminder, that you should immediately book profit in Precious Metals at higher levels.

Major Support:

GOLD: 1,210

SILVER: 18.80

GOLD (MCX): 28,600

SILVER (MCX): 44,400

Please use the mentioned support levels as your stop loss.

Intra-day astrology indicator:

Up-to 18.30 HRS (IST): Heavy volatility is expected with some weakness.

And then up-to FOMC announcement: strong recovery is indicated.


–    GOLD:1,220-1,260 AND ABOVE

–    SILVER:19.20-20.50 AND ABOVE

View on Base Metals:

Copper shall be volatile to positive.

Today’s Trading RANGE:

Copper: 3.28-3.34

View On Energy Products:


Sell Crude Oil at higher levels.



Both side trend is indicated in natural gas.

Today’s Trading Range:

-          CRUDE: 98.20-96.20

-          NG: 4.21-4.35

View on Currencies:

Buy EUR/USD at lower level.  After FOMC announcement, book profit immediately (at higher levels).

Stop loss for long position in EUR/USD: 1.3670

Around FOMC announcement, Dollar Index may drop. You can buy Dollar Index at lower levels and hold for the next day.


-          EUR/USD: 1.3720-1.3840

-          USD/INR(SPOT): 61.50-62.20

-          DOLLAR INDEX:79.80-80.40


View on Indian Stock Market

The RBI’s policy is due today. This shall be a reason for heavy volatility and uncertainty in market. It is recommended to use stop loss.


-NIFTY FUT: 6,150

-BANK NIFTY : 11,200

If Bank Nifty breaks 11,200, it could even go down to 10,850 while If Nifty breaks 6,150 then can drop to 6,080.

However, as far as astrology is concerned, no bad news is indicated from RBI. Market can have a positive trend after RBI’s announcement.

It should be noted that profit booking may be seen around closing hour (owing to FOMC announcement). Do not trade without stop loss.

If RBI’s policy is positive (that’s what we are expecting), banking sector will rise up sharply.


-          NIFTY FUT:6,150-6,240

-          BANK NIFTY: 11,220-11,450


-          RANBAXY

-          DR. REDDY

-          MCDOWELL

-          TATA COMM

-          TCS

-          HCL TECH

You should watch the market. IF RBI’s policy is positive then buy YES BANK, ICICI BANK, TATA MOTORS, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA, DLF.


Astrology on Gujarat Election

Astrological View on Gujarat Election:

According to the available data of Mr. Narendra Modi’s horoscope, astrologically we expect him to be again victorious in the election. However, the number of seats could be less than that in the previous elections.  He’ll make history by becoming the Chief Minister third time!!

We can expect him to be active in national level politics in coming time. But he needs to take care of his health!

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Gold wont break 1700 & Silver wont break 32.80

We do not expect Gold & Silver to fall below 1700 & 32.80 respectively.This was also mentioned in the weekly newsletter that was sent to our clients on Monday morning.

In next 2 days, we’ll see a good rise in bullion.

However, the first half of next week can be bit volatile and slightly bearish. But there’s nothing to worry about.

We are seeing a big upward move in Bullion from 5th December 2012′s evening.

This will continue till 13-14th December 2012.  In this time frame, Gold can cross 1,780 & Silver can cross 35.50-36.50.

We had also recommended to buy S&P 500 around 1,386-1,388. By 13th/14th December 2012, we’ll expect it to grow to cross 1,465.  And in this very time frame, we are positive about various global Stock indices.

You can make long positions in IT related & banking/financial & pharmaceutical related  leading stocks in the US market.

Indian Stock market is also in bullish trend with volatility till the said time frame.

In this time, Nifty can cross 5,850-6,000+. We see possibility of Nifty to cross 6,000.

Similarly, Bank Nifty can cross 12,000.

In the Indian Stock market, you can make long position in Nifty, Bank Nifty, Maruti, TATA Steel, HDIL, Yes Bank, SBI, L&T, BHEL, GMR INFRA, DR. REDDY, KTK BANK, RAYMONDS, MCDOWELLS.

USD versus INR can go down to 53.90 in coming weeks.


Gold achieved $1750 as predicted on 19th July

On 19th July I had predicted that Gold would reach $1750 & Silver would reach $34 any time before November.
Excerpt from Article:
Indian markets may witness bearish trends on Friday. Agri-commodities which are witnessing an uptrend on dry weather in US, India, Brazil could witness bullishness and volatility in the coming days, Rajeev Prakash observed.
INDORE, INDIA (Commodity Online): Gold and Silver are expected to remain bullish and gold could reach $1750 per ounce while Silver could reach $34-37 any time before November 2012, according to renowned financial astrologer, Rajeev Prakash Agarwal of Astrodunia based here.
Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, who has been successful in achieving targets with his predictions in recent days, said that US jobless data released on Thursday will make the market bullish for gold, silver and crude oil.
On Friday (7th September 2012), Gold made high of $1641 while Silver made high of $33.68. While Gold crossed the target predicted on 19th Jul, Silver is near to the target (32 cents left for $34).
This prediction was made when Gold was trading between $1576-1591 (on 19th July 2012) while Silver was trading between $27.13-27.60.



Two quakes in Iran kill 180 and injure 1,500


Two powerful earthquakes killed 180 people and injured about 1,500 in northwest Iran where rescuers frantically combed the rubble of dozens of villages through the night into Sunday.

Thousands fled their homes in panic, and stayed overnight in makeshift camps or in the streets after Saturday’s quakes and about 40 aftershocks hit the area.

Casualty figures are expected to rise, Iranian officials said, as some of the injured were in a critical condition while others were still trapped under the rubble in inaccessible places and rescue efforts were hampered by the darkness.

Six villages were destroyed and about 60 sustained more than 50 percent damage, Iranian media reported.

Photographs posted on Iranian news websites showed numerous bodies lying on the floor of a white-tiled morgue in the town of Ahar, and medical staff, surrounded by anxious residents, treating the injured in the open air as dusk fell.

Other images showed collapsed buildings and cars crushed by rubble.

Iran is situated on major fault lines and has suffered several devastating earthquakes in recent years, including a 6.6 magnitude quake in 2003 that reduced the southeastern historic city of Bam into dust and killed more than 25,000 people.

The U.S. Geological Survey measured Saturday’s first quake at 6.4 magnitude and said it struck 60 km (37 miles) northeast of the city of Tabriz at a depth of 9.9 km (6.2 miles). A second quake measuring 6.3 struck 49 km (30 miles) northeast of Tabriz 11 minutes later at a similar depth.

Officials said 180 people had been killed and about 1,500 injured, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

The second quake struck near the town of Varzaghan. “The quake was so intense that people poured into the streets through fear,” Fars said.


Hundreds of people were rescued from under the rubble of collapsed buildings but the night-time severely disrupted emergency efforts.

“Unfortunately there are still a number of people trapped in the rubble but finding them is very difficult because of the darkness,” national emergency head Gholam Reza Masoumi was quoted as saying by Fars.

The state news agency IRNA quoted Bahram Samadirad, a provincial official from the coroner’s office, as saying: “Since some people are in a critical condition … it is possible for the number of casualties to rise.”

The hospital in Varzaghan, staffed by just two doctors and with a shortages of medical supplies and food, was struggling to cope with about 500 injured, the Mehr news agency reported.

“I was just on the phone talking to my mother when she said, ‘There’s just been an earthquake’, then the line was cut,” one woman from Tabriz, who lives outside Iran, wrote on Facebook.

“God, what has happened? After that I couldn’t get through. God has also given me a slap, and it was very hard.”

The earthquakes struck in East Azerbaijan province, a mountainous region that neighbours Azerbaijan and Armenia to the north and is predominantly populated by ethnic Azeris – a significant minority in Iran.

Its capital, Tabriz, is a major city and trading hub far from Iran’s oil-producing areas and known nuclear facilities. Buildings in the city are substantially built, and the Iranian Students’ News Agency said nobody in the city had been killed or hurt.

Homes and business premises in Iranian villages, however, are often made of concrete blocks or mud brick that can crumble and collapse in a strong quake.

Red Crescent official Mahmoud Mozafar was quoted by Mehr news agency as saying about 16,000 people in the quake-hit area had been given emergency shelter.

Iranian health minister Marzieh Vahid Dastejerdi said the government had despatched 48 ambulances and 500 blood bags to the worst affected areas, IRNA reported.

Fars quoted Iranian lawmaker Abbas Falahi as saying he believed rescue workers had not yet been able to reach between 10 and 20 villages. Falahi said people in the region were in need of bread, tents and drinking water.

A local provincial official warned of more aftershocks over the next 48 hours and urged people in the area to stay outdoors.

The Turkish Red Crescent said it was sending a truck full of emergency supplies to the border. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said it had informed Iran it was ready to help.

Crude Oil rises to near-3 month high as US inventories fall


WTI crude oil prices hit a intra-day high of $94.74, the highest level since May 15, while Brent Crude Oil rose to $112 per barrel on unexpected drop in US inventories and geopolitical tensions


NEW YORK/MUMBAI (Commodity Online): US Crude Oil futures continued its upward movement that began last Friday as positive inventory data and weakness in dollar helped push prices to $94.72, highest intra-day levels since May 15, 2012.

Analysts said that a combination of geo-political tensions in the Middle East which could disrupt supplies and far greater inventory decline than forecasted in US caused the prices to surge on Wednesday trade. According to US Energy Department, Oil inventories were recorded at 369.9 mn barrels last week representing a fall of 1 percent.

Brent oil for September settlement increased 86 cents, or 0.8 percent, to $112.86 on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange.

Reflecting global trends, crude oil futures at India’s Multi Commodity Exchange traded positively on Wednesday. Crude Oil August contract has risen 0.23% to Rs 5183 per barrel in evening trade.

Astrology prediction turns true
Meanwhile, an Indian financial astrologer, Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, Director of MAA Astrodunia Pvt Ltd based in Indore, said that his prediction made on Wednesday morning in Commodity Online regarding crude oil had turned out to be true. “ It has gone up from $93 per barrel to $94.70, very near to our prediction of $95, I am still bullish on Crude oil,” he said.
“Targets to be achieved by next week : WTI Crude Oil to rise to $96-98 and can also touch $100/bbl if it sustains at $98 or even $100. I suggest investors Buy Crude Oil ,” Rajeev Prakash Agarwal said.

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