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Indian Stock Market Insights from Annual Letter 2017

We would like to share some important predictions from Annual Letter 2017 for Indian Stock Market, that was released in Jan 2017.Page 65-66









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Annual Predictions for Global Financial Markets and Economies

Annual Letter 2017

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Your Handy Guide To The Trend in 2017

Key Highlights:

  • Short-Medium-Long Term predictions for major markets
  • Key trend turn dates (medium / long term)
  • Prediction on Global Economies
  • The Future Of Bullion and Industrial Metals
  • Movements in Agro & Energy products
  • Potential changes in major Currency Pairs
  • Treasury Bonds*** (Exclusive)
  • Important Guidelines for Traders & Investors

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Predictions proves to be right with sharp fall in equities

We have been mentioning considerable fall in the stock market until end of August 2017. This was also mentioned in ANNUAL LETTER 2017 as well as our weekly / daily newsletter.

Last Friday (4th August 2017), we had built short position in stock indices such as NIFTY @ 10,100, BANK NIFTY @25200, S&P500 SEPT FUT @ $2475. We were also short in APPLE @ $160, AMAZON @ $1000 and BANK OF AMERICA @ $24.70.

In the Indian market, we are short in PNB, BANK OF BARODA, BANK OF INDIA, CENTURY, RELIANCE INDUSTRIES and also have their put options.

We bought BANK NIFTY August put option (strike price: 25000) @265 and NIFTY August put option (strike: 10000) @65.

The bearishness may increase, we alerted you in advance.

ALERT: This is only for your information.

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Planetary conditions this week:

Moon is in Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces for the week. On 7th, it is the full moon along with lunar eclipse in Capricorn – Shravan star.


The above planetary condition is inauspicious for the stock market. Heavy rainfall is indicated; which may bring out flood-like situation. Earthquake or other natural disasters are possible. Aggression at the Indian border may rise. Geo-political tension may increase in the time ahead.

In the current week, Monday-Tuesday may have negative sentiments. Wednesday-Thursday may have mixed trend (i.e. both side trend is possible). On Friday, trend shall again be negative.

On 21st August, it is solar eclipse; which may bring a considerable fall of 5 to 10 percent (in global markets) for the period of 14th to 28th August 2017.

Technical levels for S&P500:

Resistance: 2483-2487

Support: 2460

Below 2440, S&P500 SEPT FUT may experience sharp fall.

Today, major markets may move upward in the first move. In the second half, correction may be observed.


Bullion shall be mixed to positive for the day. Next day onwards & until Friday, trend shall be volatile to negative. Gold Dec contract has technical support at 1251 & resistance at 1278 while Silver Sept contract has technical support at 16.04 & resistance at 16.85.

Today, you may book profit in long position of bullion. At higher levels, you may short precious metals.

One may short Copper and other base metals at higher prices. By August-end, we anticipate Copper below 2.60.


Crude oil has a support at 48.40 and resistance at 50.40. Today, mixed trend is indicated. Next day onwards, uptrend is seen as per astrology. The upward trend may last till Thursday.

On Friday, profit booking is possible.

Crude shall be overall positive till 22nd August 2017. In this timeframe, oil may move up to 55.00-60.00.


NG shall be positive for now. In next week, it can move up to 3.10-3.20. It has major support at 2.70 & is advised to be bought at lower levels.



Short EUR/USD at higher prices (50% @1.185000 & 50% @1.190000. In next week, EUR/USD may drop to 1.160000 or lower.


Long USD/INR with S/L of 63.50. By August-end, we anticipate it to move up to 65. On 13th, Mercury is retrograding; which will boost value of USD against INR.

Dollar index shall move up in next two weeks. You may long dollar index @ 93 & 92.50 with S/L of 92.00 for target 94-95.


Long 50% USD/JPY around 110.50 and rest around 109.80 for target 112.00.

It is advised to long treasury bonds yield at lower levels. In the current week, it is expected to move up.


Owing to lunar eclipse, market may enter negativity anytime soon. By August-end, a fall of 5 to 10 percent is possible.

Nifty, Bank Nifty Spot has resistance at 10160, 25300 & support at 9980, 24500 respectively.

In this week, Monday and Tuesday are negative. Wednesday-Thursday may be mixed while Friday shall be again negative.

In next week as well, market shall trade downside.

Today, market may behave slightly positive till 12.00 HRS IST followed by correction.



Market on verge of decline – August 2017

Global Equity Indices

In the previous trading session, US market went through a phase of profit booking. You were advised to short S&P500 SEPT FUT @ 2477 with S/L 2482 & DOW SEPT FUT @ 21720. Positional traders were advised to buy put option in DOW SEPT contract for strike price of 21700.

S&P500 SEPT FUR made a low of 2462. Market shall continue with some volatility. Some weakness is indicated. In next week as well, the phase of consolidation shall continue. After 4th August 2017, a big fall / crash is possible in equities (by the end of month), as per astrology. This correction may be of higher than 10%.

Day traders may book partial profit in S&P500 SEPT FUT @ 2464. If 2460 is breached then it may correct further.

European market underwent a sharp profit booking in the previous session. You are advised to book 50% profit in short position of European indexes at CMP. It should be noted that DAX made a low of 12130.


You were advised to long Gold @ 1245 & Silver @ 16.35 before FOMC announcement. In the previous trading session, Gold made a high of 1265 while Silver made a high of 16.80.

In next week, bullion may continue to trade positive. Gold has potential to reach 1280-1300 while Silver may move up-to 17.00 or slightly higher.

Use S/L of 1240 for Gold & 16.30 for Silver.



Crude oil made a high of 49.00. You are advised to book 50% profit in long position at CMP and hold rest with S/L 47.20.

In next week, there are chances of oil touching $50/bbl.


NG made a high of 2.98. You are advised to book 50% profit there itself. You may hold rest position with S/L 2.90 for target 3.10.



EUR/USD made a high of 1.172000 and has potential to move up-to 1.180000. With S/L of 1.16000, hold long position in EUR/USD. You may add long position in EUR/USD @1.164000.


Positional traders may buy call option in USD/INR for next month’s contract of strike price (64.50). In next month, we are anticipating USD/INR to cross 65.


Dollar index recovered from an oversold zone. It shall again decline.


Short USD/JPY @ 111.50 for target 110.50.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

You are advised to short US Treasury Bonds Yield at higher price. Hold short position for August-end.


Nifty August & Bank Nifty August contract made high of 10150 & 25080 in the previous session. You were advised to short Nifty @ 10080 and Bank Nifty @ 25025.

If gap down opening happens today, you may book 50% profit here itself and hold rest with S/L of previous day’s high.

In next week as well, market shall continue in phase of consolidation.

Between 4th August and 28th August 2017, a considerable fall may be observed in the market; it may lead to a correction of more than 10% in Nifty.


  • NIFTY: 10050 – 9950 – 9900
  • BANK NIFTY: 25050 – 24800 – 24500

Technical levels


Support : 9900

Resistance : 10150

Bank Nifty

Support : 24500

Resistance : 25100




  • IDEA


Is market near a reversal?

Global Equity Indices

Market stayed sideways for the previous trading session. S&P500 FUT made a high of 2438 and low of 2428.

Do you remember the BR-EXIT on 26th June 2016?
Can there be a similar geopolitical issue ahead? Today, market shall be range bound to positive in the first half. In the last 90 minutes of trading session, market may undergo hammering / serious correction.

Around 2440-2445, you are advised to short S&P500.

In next week, positive trend is expected. On Monday, trend may be negative.

You are advised to buy S&P500 at Monday’s closing.

Hang Seng may open negative on Monday.

Sell major stock indices at higher prices.


  • DOW (FUT): 21430-21320
  • S&P 500 (FUT): 2440-2425
  • NASDAQ (FUT): 5820-5760
  • FTSE (FUT): 7380-7340
  • CAC(JUL FUT): 5290-5220
  • DAX(FUT): 12820-12670
  • AEX(JUL FUT): 520-512
  • HANG SENG (JUN FUT): 25800-25450


Gold and Silver remained sideways in the previous trading session. Today, it is the new moon. After US opening, bullion may undergo a sudden boost-up but we aren’t very sure about it happening.

However, in the next week – positive trend is anticipated. Anytime by the 15th of July 2017, Gold can cross 1330 while Silver can cross 18.00.

Today, it is the new moon as well as Mercury enters Gemini around US opening.

ALERT: Owing to the holiday of Eid-ul-fitr on Monday, MCX shall be closed.


-GOLD AUG: 1249-1262

-SILVER JULY: 16.48-16.75


Copper shall trade mixed for the day. Technically, it is bullish only above 2.62.


COPPER JULY: 2.61-2.57



On 21st, Crude took a support at $42/bbl. In the previous trading session, it made a high of 43.27. Today, trend shall be sideways to positive.

In the next 2 weeks, it may cross $48/bbl.


NG shall trade mixed for the day. If it crosses 2.95 then shall enter bullish zone & you may add long position for target 3.08. Use S/L of 2.85 in long position.


CRUDE OIL: 42.40-44.00

NG: 2.87-2.94



Buy EUR/USD on dips (around 1.1120).


Buy USD/INR at lower levels.


Dollar index shall remain rangebound to slightly negative for the day. In the next week, negativity may prevail and dollar index may drop to 96.50.


Short USD/JPY around 111.60. In next two weeks, it may break 109.00.

EUR/USD: 1.1120-1.1220

USD/INR : 64.40-64.70

DOLLAR INDEX: 97.37-97.00

USD/JPY: 111.60-110.90

US Treasury Bonds Yield

Short treasury bonds yield at higher price. In next week as well, yield shall trade in negative direction.


US 10 YR Treasury: 2.18-2.12

US 30 YR Treasury: 2.76-2.68


Indian market shall be negative in the first half. From 12.10 HRS IST to 13.45 HRS IST, news driven positivity is anticipated. Nifty will undergo a jump but you should be alert that from 14.30 HRS IST, sudden fall is expected.

This may continue till closing.

Intraday traders must keep alert.

In next week, overall trend is positive but on Tuesday, gap down opening is indicated.

Positional traders are advised to long 50% NIFTY & BANK NIFTY at today’s closing as the next week’s closing shall be bullish. A new high is possible around next weekend.

Indian and Singapore market shall be closed on Monday owing to Eid-ul-Fitr.


  • NIFTY FUT: 9700-9620
  • BANK NIFTY: 23850-23600


  • M&M
  • WOKHARDT S/L 552 TGT 578
  • DLF S/L 194 TGT 208-215

For subscription to our views or services, email or call : +91-9301717647.

Disclaimer: the information mentioned above is for educational purpose only and shouldn’t be considered as an investment advice. The view is based on combination of astrology and technical analysis.

Drama owing to FOMC on 14 June 2017

Global Equity Indices

Today, it is the FOMC announcement; next day’s early morning, it is the conjunction of Saturn and Sun – which will drive major equities to negative direction. A sharp correction is anticipated in S&P500. Today, sell on rise is advised. S&P500 FUT can drop to 2407-2385 in coming days. Maintain short position in major markets.


Gold can move up to 1280 at the most on higher side. Around —-, you’re advised to short 50% position and remaining around —-. The target for this short position shall be 1250 & below.

You are advised to short 50% SILVER @– – — and rest if it retests — – — (before FOMC). Target for Silver July contract : 16.50 & below.

After FOMC, a sharp correction is being anticipated for precious metals. Next day seems to be bearish owing to the conjunction of Sun and Saturn.


Around 1.1215-1.1220, short 50% EUR/USD and rest short position to be built around 1.1260 for target 1.11000.


Around 109.90-110.00, build 50% long position in USD/JPY and rest around 109.30 for target 111.00.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

You are advised to long US 10 YR Treasury bonds yield – 50% @ 2.20 & next 50% @2.15 for target 2.25.

You are advised to long US 30 YR Treasury bonds yield – 50% @ 2.85 & next 50% @ 2.78 for target 2.92-2.95.


Indian market shall be uncertain for the day. Next day, market may have gap down opening. It is advised to build short position at higher levels.

In 1-2 days, Nifty can drop to 9550. With S/L of 9740, short Nifty for target of 9550 & below.

You may short Bank Nifty @ 23500-23600 for target of 23200.


  • NIFTY FUT: 9660-9580
  • BANK NIFTY: 23600-23300

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Disclaimer: The above information is a view based on astrology and technical analysis. It is only for the purpose of knowledge and not a substitute for trading advice.

5 June 2017: Prediction for Indian stock market

This episode covers prediction on Indian stock market from 5th to 9th June 2017. The predictions made for the ending week of May 2017 turned out to be absolutely correct and now, we share with you the potential of what may happen in the time ahead.

Paid services (astrology based newsletter & signals) available at and | Call : +91-9669919000 & +91-9301717647 or e-mail for details.

Huge profit in stock options

We had recommended our clients to buy put option in SBI (May) for strike price of 295 @ 1.65 and ALLAHABAD BANK (June)for strike price of 75 @ 1.25. In the previous trading session, our clients booked profit in put option of SBI @ 8.00 and ALLAHABAD BANK @ 5.00.

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