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PreOrder Annual Letter 2017

We have started accepting PRE-ORDERS for Annual Letter 2017!

Annual Predictions for Global Financial Markets and Economies

Annual Letter 2017

Annual Letter 2017

Your Handy Guide To The Trend in 2017

Key Highlights:

  • Short-Medium-Long Term predictions for major markets
  • Key trend turn dates (medium / long term)
  • Prediction on Global Economies
  • The Future Of Bullion and Industrial Metals
  • Movements in Agro & Energy products
  • Potential changes in major Currency Pairs
  • Treasury Bonds*** (Exclusive)
  • Important Guidelines for Traders & Investors

It’s high time for you to choose the right solution for your investment planning in the year ahead. Annual Letter 2017 will help you make rational decisions that boost your ROI.

PS: Predictions are based on astrology.

Exclusive offer for you: Avail complimentary newsletter for 15 trading sessions in December 2016.

Price: $150


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SPECIAL : We also provide detailed astrological predictions on Indian stocks and commodities market. E-mail or call +91-9669919000 for details.

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The newsletter covers view on various stock indices, commodities, currencies and bonds.

Episode 11 : Stop watching motivational videos

AstroDunia runs a weekly astrology cum philosophy show on Dabang News. You may catch the show live at every Saturday at 07.00 PM.
Thie episode covers predictions about stocks and commodities market for the period of 20th to 26th February 2017.
It ends with a note on effective time management and logic behind why people should stop watching motivational videos.

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Career with AstroDunia

We are looking forward to hire for the role of Terminal Operator: The candidate must be experienced with execution of orders on ODIN Diet Client.

Location: Indore

Salary: no bar for deserving candidates.


Episode 9

This episode discusses American-first policy of Donald Trump and his recent order on temporary ban of some Muslim country and wall against Mexico. Market prediction for the week of 6th to 10th February 2017 is also covered. The philosophical topic covered in this episode was “How to be in the top 5% of successful people”.

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You can get a free copy of Annual Letter 2017 with quarterly subscription to our services (daily newsletter / live trading calls in Indian and international stocks or commodities market).
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Episode 8: Detailed analysis of UP election and “HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR CAREER”

This episode focuses on trend in stocks and bullion for the week of 30th January to 3rd February 2017. It also covers detailed analysis of the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh. Answers to questions such as: Will it be Akhilesh Yadav’s last term as the CM?
Will BJP emerge victorious in UP election?
The ending portion of episode covers career in details. A simple trick to find your career is to find the key planet that has highest degree between Sun and Rahu. The interest of yours shall be the effect of your key planets and if your interest guides your career, you’ll be highly successful. Watch the episode for detailed understanding.
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27 January 2017: Prediction on S&P500 and precious metals

Global Equity Indices

Today, it is the new moon and square of Saturn and Venus. Market may observe both side swings. The top of equities have already been made or will be made today. And then, market shall be in a highly corrective mode until third week of March 2017. You may build short position here and wait for third week of March 2017 – target 2050 or lower for S&P500 FUT.

You may also buy VIX.

Today onwards, China is closing for a week’s time on occasion of new lunar year. Similarly, HK is closed on Monday and Tuesday and Singapore is also closed on Monday.

Next week, market is bearish.

Precious Metals

You were advised to long 50% position in Gold  @ 1185 and Silver in the previous trading session. Today from US opening or Monday, bullion shall start moving up. Commodities shall trade in large range for the day. Around 1170-72, you may add long position in Gold. Around 16.40-16.50, you may add long position in Silver.

By March 2017, we are expecting Gold to cross 1300 and Silver to cross 20.00.

Avail a special discount this weekend! E-mail for details.


Episode 7: The Trump Presidency in USA and Saturn’s sade saati

On 27th January, Saturn is entering into Sagittarius while Mars has entered into Pisces. In the last episode as well, it was mentioned that after Venus shall also enter Pisces leading to cold weather / lower temperature suddenly. In coming days, Asian and Arab countries may witness terrorist activities. Some negative indications are there for Pakistan as well. A state of war may develop. Coming to stock market, 2017 is a year of being alert. It might bring up issues similar to what happened in 2008. Listen to the audio for this week’s prediction on stock market. We are seeing crude oil crossing $100 per barrel! This video also covers the effect of Trump’s Presidency in USA. How will USA’s destiny be under Trump’s administration?
A detailed description of Shani (Saturn) ’s Sade Sati is explained. You get aware of your deficiencies in unfavorable time. Try to overcome your negativity! Saturn improves your life by giving you a chance to change your choices that upgrades your existence. It is a matter of exclamation that Saturn’s sade saati was the very period in which major political parties entered the central government in India! Don’t get tensed of Shani’s sade sati. Stay pure, amazing and make this world happy! Saturn is the judge of your karma.
Trump’s thoughts and work may strain USA’s business relation with India.
Watch the last episode here:

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Episode 6: Smile and make yourself successful

This episode begins with predictions about the stock market for week of 9th to 13th January 2017 followed by movement of bullion. The episode ends with explaining philosophy of life in terms of happiness and satisfaction life. Most of us remain unhappy with our lives and never take the trouble to find out why. A key reason is that we might not enjoy the work we are forced to perform. If you let your emotions be honored, your interests be celebrated and your happiness be the key to your work; life will be a lot more beautiful.
Astrologers might tell you that you have certain bad planetary conditions but these planets are god-like in the holy literature. You can improve your life with a positive attitude. Someone wise said “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. ”
AstroDunia’s weekly show that airs on Dabang News (MP). You may catch the show live on Dabang news (every Saturday at 7 PM) through their portal as well :

Watch past episodes at our YouTube Channel

Annual Letter 2017

We are launching Annual Letter 2017 today at 6 PM.

It has to be noted that the year 2017 is painful for investors.

Is the positivity in global and Indian market an illusion similar to 2008?

Will the value of Silver again brighten up? When?

Sugar, Soybean, Cotton, Edible Oil to see new highs in 2017 but when? When should you long and when to expect the top?

The answer to all such questions exist in the ANNUAL LETTER 2017.

Here’s a free tip from ANNUAL LETTER 2017 for you: In next 40 days, NG shall not breach 3.10 on the lower side and On the higher side, it can go up-to 3.90 or 4.20.

Look forward to several interesting predictions for 2017!

Is the positivity in equities an illusion?

Today, US and other equities shall behave positive. From tomorrow, trend reversal shall be observed.

Range & levels : only for members.

In next week, market shall be dramatic.



Gold and Silver have taken a U turn from lower side. In next 2 weeks, positive trend is anticipated. After 13th, trend shall change till………………………. (ONLY FOR MEMBERS).


We are short in NG @3.90 (last week). When should profit be booked?

Indian Stock Market

Indian market is positive. In next 2 days, trend change may be observed. Further details.. ONLY FOR MEMBERS..

Auto, sugar and financial sector shall be positive. Stay away from banking stocks.

Episode 5: Prediction for UP Elections, Financial Condition of India in 2017 and astro-answer

This is a part of AstroDunia’s TV series on Dabang News. The fifth episode contains astrological insight over the UP election and financial condition of India in 2017. Also, an alternate philosophical solution to traditional astrological remedies is suggested in interest of the audience. It has been observed that one of the most effective methods to improve your life is with a positive attitude. Unfavorable planetary condition diminishes your thought process. If you are able to sustain a bad situation with the right perspective and zeal to overcome, life will turn out to be easier.
Check out latest episodes on

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