Heavy Discount for Tips on Stock and Commodity Market on auspicious occassion of Company Anniversary

On the auspicious and pious anniversary of ‘Astrodunia’, we introduce a flat 30% Discount for Stock and Commodity Tips (Membership). This offer is VALID till Wednesday only.
Discounted Rates:
Time Period | Stock Market | Commodity Market
3 Months     | 12,600 INR     | 28,000 INR
6 Months     | 21,000 INR     | 42,000 INR
1 Year           | 35,000 INR     | 63,000 INR

For membership, please call us on +91-9669919000 or +91-9301717647 or send an e-mail to astrodunia@gmail.com

Take Advantage of the Offer or wait for the prices to rise!!!

Recommendations to be delivered via Transactional route SMS (The best SMS Delivery Route) and telephonic conversation.

Add the spirit of financial astrology in your portfolio and witness phenomena profits!
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